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kfl - klima for life

Our philosophy is an harmonious mixture between technology and style, functionality and emotion. Every and each product frames our knowledge and our creativity

about us

KFL is a private company founded in 1993 and it’s one of the leaders in the market of heat exchangers.
KFL’s offers all its customers a close cooperation and customized products.
The new plant at Romans d’Isonzo (GO) is founded in 2011.
A competent Sales Staff guarantees the highest performances on the national and international market.

Mission and markets

Our Mission is an effective business partnership in the refrigeration and conditioning markets combining quality products and innovation with prompt delivery.
KFL’s future is strictly connected to its Customers’ success. Our Sales and Technical Staff is deeply involved into a constant improvement based on new projects, innovative design and technologies, aiming to excellence in service, price and delivery for Customers’ satisfaction.
KFL is active in different other markets such as aeronautics, vending, communication, electronics, energy generation and recovery, gas compression, hospital and pharmaceutical , packaging, petrochemical, paper processing, waste and water treatment.

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